KENT Art Installation Services:

KAIS will handle and install your works with the utmost care and attention to aesthetic detail. Whether it is one work in an office, an entire residential design, or gallery installation, KAIS will work to ensure that your works are not only safely secured with the same techniques and hardware used in the finest museums, but that also you are pleased with the final presentation of the artwork.

Examples of services offered:

  • Art objects.
  • Paintings, photographs, posters.
  • Framed mirrors.
  • Textiles.
  • Objects d’art.
  • Asian screens.
  • Wall groupings, large format artworks, gallery installations.
  • Artworks in awkward or hard to reach places ie.) stairwells, high ceiling, concrete or brick walls.
  • Create customized wall arrangements to satisfy your personal taste, and suite your home decor.

Security hardware is used when needed. This installation system uses locking brackets to secure the artwork to the wall. This system secures the artwork in its proper position, preventing the artwork from being knocked off the wall, as well as minimizing the chance of theft.

Designer Picture Hanging Systems available through KAIS. Hanging systems are an effective and elegant solution for public or private spaces; providing the flexibility to change artwork displays as desired. The systems used are available in a wide variety of styles and colors.
These hanging systems incorporate discreet rails mounted at the top of the wall, with either aluminum rods, galvanized steel cables or transparent nylon cords attatched from the rail to the artwork. The ends of the cables are fitted with your choice of specialty – locking or non-locking hooks.

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