Framing Works on Paper, Prints & Photographs

Framed Prints and Photographs

There are several choices involved in framing works on paper, prints, and photography. Here are some examples of the types of works on paper we often work with:

  • Photography: Fine art, antique/vintage, gicleé prints.
  • Serigraphs (Silkscreen Print), Etchings, Woodcut prints, Lithographs.
  • Original watercolours, Pastels, Drawings.

Listed below are some examples of matting and framing options available:

    • Over-mat: The artwork or piece is placed on a backing board, and the matting is placed over-top. The mat board opening covers the outside edge of the paper or image. Glass is then placed on top of the matting.
    • Floated with Over-mat: The piece is placed on a mat board, and a mat is placed over-top with a larger opening than the piece. Revealing any amount of the backing mat you choose, around the piece. The glass is placed on top.

  • Floated: The piece is placed on top of a mat board, and there are spacers inserted on the inside edge of the frame to keep the glass from coming into contact with the piece.
  • Raised Float – or Pedestal Float: This treatment adds a shadow around the piece, giving it some dimension. The piece is attached to a backing smaller than the piece itself.Usually, acid-free foam-core, or 8-ply mat-board. This raises the piece, which is then mounted to the backing mat-board. Spacers are inserted to the sides of the frame, keeping the glass from coming in contact with the piece.
  • Raised float with Raised mat: The piece is raised, and a mat with an opening larger than the piece is placed over-top. This treatment gives the matting a shadow effect around the opening, as well as a shadow around the piece. Glass placed on top of mat.
  • Over-mat with Raised mat: There is matting placed over-top of the piece. A second mat, with a larger opening is then added over-top. This gives a clean line around the piece, with a sense of depth from the raised mat. Glass is then placed on top.
Have a look at or Samples Gallery to view some of our past projects.

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