1st Day of School – New Special

The first day of school is a special one for parents and their children. Your little one has taken his or her first steps into the world. Like most, you’ve taken photographs to remember this exciting day.

I recently framed a set of photographs for a friend of his 4 year old son’s first day of school. The “official portrait” was framed along with some fun outtakes in which the boy showed his excitement and maybe some nervousness towards the “big day”.

Designing and framing this piece got me thinking about my own photograph of my first day of school; and about how most of us have had our picture taken on our first day of school. But where are these pictures today? Some might be printed and framed, but I’m sure many are stored away in photo albums and boxes. If these pictures were taken in the last 15 years or so, many are probably hidden away on phones, digital flashcards or computer hard drives?


KENT Picture Framing would like to encourage people to print, frame and preserve the pictures taken of their children’s first day of school. There are many possibilities. From framing a single portrait, or a series of photographs, to incorporating other items (report cards, awards, etc) within a frame or shadowbox.

We’ve introduced a new SPECIAL for framing “1st Day of School” pictures. Why not have a look for the pictures you’ve taken? Bring them by KENT Picture Framing and have us design something really special. It would make a great gift for someone who has finished school long ago, for someone graduating this year or in twelve years time!