Works on Paper, Prints & Photographs


There are several choices involved when framing works on paper, prints and photography. Here are some examples of the types of works on paper we often work with:

  • Serigraphs (Silkscreen Print), Etchings, Woodcut prints, Lithographs.
  • Original watercolours, Pastels, Drawings.
  • Photography, fine art, antique / vintage works, gicleé prints.

Listed below are some examples of matting and framing options available:

    • Over-mat: The artwork or piece is placed on a backing board, and the matting is placed over-top. The mat board opening covers the outside edge of the paper or image. Glass is then placed on top of the matting.
    • Floated with Over-mat: The piece is placed on a mat board, and a mat is placed over-top with a larger opening than the piece. Revealing any amount of the backing mat you choose, around the piece. The glass is placed on top.

  • Floated: The piece is placed on top of a mat board, and there are spacers inserted on the inside edge of the frame to keep the glass from coming into contact with the piece.
  • Raised Float – or Pedestal Float: This treatment adds a shadow around the piece, giving it some dimension. The piece is attached to a backing smaller than the piece itself.Usually, acid-free foam-core, or 8-ply mat-board. This raises the piece, which is then mounted to the backing mat-board. Spacers are inserted to the sides of the frame, keeping the glass from coming in contact with the piece.
  • Raised float with Raised mat: The piece is raised, and a mat with an opening larger than the piece is placed over-top. This treatment gives the matting a shadow effect around the opening, as well as a shadow around the piece. Glass placed on top of mat.
  • Over-mat with Raised mat: There is matting placed over-top of the piece. A second mat, with a larger opening is then added over-top. This gives a clean line around the piece, with a sense of depth from the raised mat. Glass is then placed on top.


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