Sports Jerseys & Memorabilia

What better way to display and protect your autographed jersey. Or maybe your team has won a tournament, and you want to present the MVP with a special gift.
Framing sports jerseys and memorabilia is something KENT Picture Framing can do for you.

There are a number of options to choose from when framing a jersey. Here are a few additional choices you can add to your frame:

  • Conservation glass (UV Protection)
  • Multiple matting and colour combinations.
  • Engraved & printed plates mounted on top of, or in the mat opening.
  • Mounting additional photographs, tickets, memorabilia, etc, inside the jersey frame.

Give us a call: 604-558-3040, or drop us a line: And let us know what you’d like to have framed. We would be happy to work out several framing options to see what suits your tastes and fits your budget.