A Small Update & Some Royal Framing

It’s been way too long since I last wrote a blog post. I’m a little embarrassed by my lack of regular updates. Thankfully, I can say my reason for it is we’ve just been too busy with framing projects to even think about writing about them. We had a very busy 2012, with many challenging projects completed. The new year has shown no signs of slowing down. Well…maybe a little slow this week. So I’m taking advantage of this quiet time to post a project or two that we’ve been working on.

Prince Phillip Letter

A client of a client received a letter from Prince Phillip in 1994. The two-page letter had been framed previously, but had faded a significant amount. The greeting and signature had been reduced to a faint image, barely visible. A local art dealer had the letter scanned, and the signature digitally “re-constructed” – so to speak.

The client wanted to have the copy of the letter on display in a new frame. But he also wanted the original letter displayed , but not exposed for any long period of time. The solution was quite simple. And it’s something I’ve done many times. We decided to build a double-sided frame. We would show the copy on the front, and the original on the back.

The two page original letter was displayed in a silk mat with a Larson Juhl “Gramercy” frame, matching fillet and Conservation Clear® glass.

The challenge with this type of frame is usually – how to nicely finish the reverse side of the frame to hold everything together?

I wanted to use the same moulding for the back of the frame. I had a half-inch split off the the top of the moulding lengths on a table-saw. I then made a backing frame from this material. The backing frame was then simply secured to the main frame – holding everything together.






The final result is a substantial frame that makes a strong statement. – In which the two sets of letters are easily viewable, protected from further UV damage, and will be safely preserved for generations to come.