White and Groovy. Triple-Decker Framing

This week, I had a fun job on the table. A large-scale mirror, framed with one of my favourite mouldings. But not just one moulding. Three of them.

The client wanted something different. A frame with enough structure to it to carry the weight of the mirror. But also something elegant, and unique. I showed her a variety of frames, but none of them seemed to strike a chord. I then showed her a white, laquered Fotiou moulding, with decorative grooves running lengthwise down the moulding. It was a hit. But the single frame alone wouldn’t be strong enough for the size of mirror. So, we started experimenting with a few stacked arrangements.

What we ended up with was two of the larger moulding profiles, stacked over a smaller profile. The larger profile is 1 inch deep, and the face is also 1″. The smaller frame is 0.75″ deep, and 0.5″ wide on the face. After cutting and assembling the three frames, I wanted the three frames to look as though we had created one single frame. I filled in the seams where each individual frames met with plaster. Once the plaster was dried, I cleaned off the excess, and painted each seam with an acrylic paint. A tedious task, but the end result was well worth it for this triple-decker frame.