Our Services

Our wide selection and design experience allow us to provide you with the highest quality of framing and service for your next home or business framing project.

Residential Framing

Fill your home with your memories and inspirations! We can assist you in creating the photo collage wall you’ve been dreaming of, or find the perfect frame to enrich a prized painting. With our vast selection of frames and sharp eye for design we can find the perfect match for your precious baby photos, serene watercolours, vibrant silkscreen print, vintage posters and much more – the options are endless!

Corporate Framing Services

We have been proudly serving Vancouver’s diverse and vibrant corporate community in many projects over the years. Whether it is a single item to be framed, a large series for a marketing project or a complete office make-over we provide various services that will help you to complete these tasks effectively and with great results.

Conservation Framing

The protection of your artwork is the upmost concern to us. Our staff members have specific training and many years experience in archival framing and handling methods for valuable or fragile artworks. Every piece of art requires individual consideration and with our expertise we are here to ensure your art remains safe.

We provide a full spectrum of conservation materials including acid-free archival matting and backing and UV protective museum glass.

Shadow Box & Object Framing

Display the items you are most proud of. From sports memorabilia to family heirlooms, collectables and antiques – big or small, our team of experienced staff will find the solution to create a perfect display. Finally show off that signed baseball bat that will earn you bragging rights, or your Grandmothers antique broach that you will always cherish.