KENT Framing is not in Kent.

Here at KENT Picture Framing, we’re always listening to one of our many favourite radio stations – via our trusty iTunes of course. We try to keep it civilized, and not fight over what we’re going to listen to.

Finding a good balance of music our customers will like, and we’ll like working to is important. One of our favourite stations is BBC Radio 6. A great mix of interviews, documentaries and of course toe-tappin’ tunes.

Anything that keeps the mood light, and keeps us providing friendly service and high-quality picture frames  – Of course! Last weekend I sent in a tweet to say “hello” to Tom Robinson while he hosted his program “Introducing”. Below, is Tom’s “hello” to us…as-heard-on-bbc

As one might expect, after the broadcast, we would be flooded with calls and emails from across the pond, from people desperate for custom picture framing services. Sadly, this didn’t happen. But it was fun to hear the mention! (I wonder if the Queen tuned in that day.)