Mother’s Artwork Preserved

We had a nice project come in the door recently. A client of ours had an old sketchbook filled with her Mother’s artwork. The pieces were done in 1961-1962, when her Mother (from Argentina) was 21-22 years old.

This sketchbook was one of the few pieces our client had left of her Mother’s artwork. She wanted to preserve the sketchbook, but display the pieces inside. I suggested that we carefully remove the spiral binding of the sketchbook, and have the pages scanned and reproduced, and then reassemble the sketchbook, back to its original state.

Our client took the pages to TR Trades on West 4th Avenue here in Vancouver. They scanned the pages, and printed them on paper to match, as closely as possible, the type of paper in the sketch book. The prints were so detailed, that the ripples in the pages, and every little imperfection was visible.

The bottom corners were then cut to the same curved shape as the originals. As well, the spiral binding holes were individually punched (by yours truly) with a 1/8″ hole punch.

Framed sketchbook

The original sketchbook is safely stored, and the pieces are on display in a lovely little series. Framed using a delicate antique gold frame from Roma Moulding, with the pieces floating, and we used museum glass for an optimum viewing experience. The final result was beautiful! The reproductions were so close to the original, that others thought our client had framed the original pieces.